Welcome to Art without a License. A place of process. Investigations into multi dimensional design through social and cultural constructivism :: motion graphics :: web & print design ::


Gentle Humanitarian Tourism: How many plastic water bottles a day?
A Pilgrimage
Peace through walking? 140 miles of inspiring landscapes, cultures, and history
Visionary Values
Leveraging current technologies to promote transparency, sustainability, and conscious consumption

New designs
::Gender Reconciliation International
::Tour De Coops Boulder
::Jann Kloor Design
::Conscious Coffees
::Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe
Sumatra, Indonesia
Coffee Farms
"What's in your coffee?"


Creating Platforms for Mission driven businesses to express their Core Values in the Global marketplace


Intuitive artistic design. It is an integral part of that multi-dimensionality and attention to detail I strive for as a designer. I also shoot all my own photographs.